Lehigh Valley Photographer | LG Photography | Coplay, PA | Holiday Hope Chests 2017

I made a lofty pledge of 500 #holidayhopechests to The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley and they actually called me concerned that I made a mistake with my pledge. I assured them I have the BEST clients in the world and I have no doubt we can get these boxes filled in no time. And boy did we! 523 gift boxes are going out to Lehigh Valley Kids thanks to YOU!!! 523 children will have a special Christmas because of YOU! Don't ever be one of those people who think that your "little" effort won't make a difference. If you do something nice for one person, ONE SINGLE PERSON... the ripple effect could be endless. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't make a difference. You can do anything. And with enough help, you can take a lot of small efforts and make a massive change in this world that is craving goodness and love. I love you all so much. You blow me away every year with how amazing you are. I am just the vehicle that opened your eyes to this need! YOU did this! I'm so freaking proud! 

In other huge news, Santa and I will be announcing the winner of the $500 LG gift certificate this Saturday after our last session! For the surprise... we had an anonymous donation of another $500 gift certificate and we will be splitting it up in 5-$100 LG gift certificates to those who donated a box! So you now have 6 chances to win something!!! 'Tis the season, be a blessing every chance you can. Thank you all so much. #lgbehindthescenes #payitforward #holidayhopechests


Lehigh Valley Photographer | LG Photography | A Few Of My Favorite Things Giveaway!

I feel like every time I'm on vacation I decide to do a giveaway... Haha. Yay for all of us! I want to start by saying thank you! Thank you for being your amazing beautiful self. For picking me. For trusting me. For loving me and my passion. You've supported my dream and helped me build a business that I am proud to own. 

As I've mentioned before, small business is in my blood. My parents have owned a small business since 1980. At their store, I was working the cash register standing on a milk crate at the age of six. We lived above the store in an apartment and I watched my mom go down to work every day about 10 minutes after 8 (she was and still is perpetually 10 minutes late) and work til 8:30 pm as my dad headed off to his corporate job to cover our health insurance and such. My mom taught me compassion, kindness, how to be a business woman, how not to be a business woman, how to trust my instincts and listen to that little voice inside my head. She was robbed at gunpoint, twice! She chased a man out of the store who was pointing a gun at her belly demanding money as she yelled at him to "get lost" and telling him how he wasn't about to get her hard earned money. (She's still the talk of the town 11 years later as people reminisce about that day) My mother is without a doubt in my mind, THE HARDEST WORKING WOMAN I will ever know. I owe my work ethic to her and my father who lead by example and didn't give my brother and I an easy ride. We worked. We had nice things because we worked. Worked in the store, helped my dad at his apartment buildings. They taught us how to work. My brother has a very successful tree cutting/landscaping business and here I am with mine as you well know since you're reading this right now. 

I love doing giveaways as you might have already figured out... So this one is no different. But it kinda is. I'm including some of my favorite small businesses in on this one! 

So... You guys know Tanya. LG Photography's behind the scenes, emailer, scheduler, bring-sanity-back-to-Lori-er??? She is also a wife, mother, preschool teacher and most recently, she has become a LuLaRoe consultant. LuLaRoe = most comfortable leggings, EVER. (In a nutshell) but they offer a whole line of clothing, from dresses, skirts, t shirts, kids clothes and so much more. Let me tell you, I'm seriously so over the moon about this clothing. The prints are awesome and fresh and the thrill of trying to snag a pair of leggings before someone else does is actually addicting to be honest. LLR is similar to other direct sales companies so you can host a party or buy directly. Every time I'm wearing a pair of fun or funky leggings, someone will ask me, "is that Lu-la-roooooo" and I say "yes it is but because I used to say lularooooo too, it's actually lularoe like "Monroe" and if you don't have some get yourself some tomorrow!" So because of all the sacrifices and commitment Tanya has given to my small business over the last almost two years, I wanted to be the first one to support her and host a party. I'm not in it for the free stuff, although let's be honest, it's a major perk... I just want to let her know that I support her and appreciate all of her hard work she's put into my business and I want to be able to share it with all of you! More on this in a bit...

My best friend since day one, 9th grade Spanish class, Danielle, has also opened her new business. It's official. The Splintered Owl. She has been one of my biggest supporters over the years. She can make just about anything you can imagine. Literally. We built a tree house in my yard for my kids, she built me kitchen benches, custom signs, banners and props like whoa for my photo shoots. Custom mugs, bags, Christmas decorations... You name it, I'm pretty sure she can make it! I've been encouraging her for years to make it official and run with it because it would be a waste of talent otherwise! She did it! She's official and I'm here to tell you, I support her 100% and I would love if you did too! 

So the giveaway?? Or giveawayS I should say...  Up for grabs are some LG Photography gift certificates, free stuff from my LLR party including leggings, and some cool one of a kind things from the Splintered Owl. And MAYBE the most exciting of all, ONE person will win a FREE GUARANTEED SANTA 2016 spot! 

How to enter and how to win??  In order to win any of the giveaways, we ask that you "like" or "follow" our pages (links below).  That way you can actually be ready for the giveaways. You may already have our pages liked, that's awesome! 

On Thursday August 4th at 9pm, I'll be doing a live video post done on my Facebook page announcing all giveaway winners except for two bonus giveaways during this week, which will be in my LuLaRoe party page. I'm going to give away two pair of leggings before my party on Sunday and Monday. So make sure you're actively playing along on my party page for your chance to win! Part one is an in-home party on Sunday, July 30th from 4-6pm. You can come to Tanya's house where she has a store set up and you can try things on, see what styles you love the most and actually get to feel things. Part two is my online party at 8:00 pm on Monday, August 1. Albums will be posted of her inventory and you can purchase right online, and choose to have your items shipped right to your door or local pick up at her home in Northampton. Anyone who shows up to the party Sunday and anyone who makes a purchase Monday online is going to be entered to win a FREE 2016 Santa Session with a guaranteed spot, and ONE person will be selected to win! This is in addition to ALL of the other gifts we are giving away. From the Splintered Owl, we have a custom made "Always stay humble and kind" sign which is probably one of her most popular items right now! Also, a double insulated LG drink bottle... It's seriously THE BEST, my drink is still ice cold as I'm sitting in 100 degree weather for the last 7 hours! 

I know this is a lot to take in and read but PLEASE, follow the links below... Leave a note on our walls if you're a new fan or if you're just here for the party if you'd like! We can't wait to have so much fun this week! 

After you've completed "liking" our pages, please fill out the Form below so we have your contact info! 

Love you guys. Thank you for your unending support and love! 


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