Lehigh Valley Photographer | LG Photography | Big News: I'm Moving

Here we are... April 1, 2015. It's almost exactly six years ago that I began this journey in photography. I'll never forget my first year of Easter minis. I still photograph each of those clients that came to me for those sessions, today. My whole business has revolved around a few amazing, trusting clients... who continually told their friends about me and who kept coming back. Over the years, my business grew. I grew. I learned. I learned what makes a great photograph and why. I learned what I like and why I like it.

It was during the month of March, I realized I had grown again. I had actually OUT-grown something very dear to me. My studio. My sweet little, 350 square foot, in-home, basement studio. My new lights are huge, and I realized it was time for me to seriously start looking for a studio space. So I began the search… and while searching, I found one. I found THE ONE. The most perfect (PERFECT!!!!!) studio for me. Have no fear, for most of you, it’s closer to you than before. For my folks coming from north of Slatington, I’m sorry… you have an extra five minutes on your ride. I had a few requirements that I had to meet in order for me to pull the trigger and move out of my home studio. 1. It needed to be close to my home and in my kids’ school district. 2. It NEEDED a parking lot. 3. It needed to be at least double of what I currently was working with. My new place has it all! It’s almost triple the square footage, it’s cozy and cute. It’s conveniently located on 329/Old Post Road and Levans Road in Coplay, PA. It is exactly five minutes from my home. Have I mentioned how perfect it is?

So, end of this month or beginning of May, I’ll be officially open for business over there. I have April set aside for renovations, new floors, painting and doing some updates! SAVE THE DATE!!! Sunday May 3, 2015 will be open house/GRAND opening! I’ll have much more info as I get my bearings and wrap my head around all of this. It’s all so exciting. I’ll be doing tons of giveaways, so even if you aren’t the lucky winner of the 3,700 fan giveaway, you will have plenty more opportunities to win at the open house. So stay tuned.

I love you guys. I can’t describe how much because no words seem to suffice. You are my advertising. Until this point, I’ve spent exactly $15 on advertising on Facebook one time. Please continue to tell your friends about me… if you love your photos, tag my page when you post. You have no idea what that little thing does for a photographer. It’s a simple gesture but creates a massive ripple effect. “LIKE” my photos if you actually like them, share them when you want to. Small businesses like mine, thrive on that type of social media advertising. 

For those of you who are here for the giveaway winner, I’m very excited to announce that Danielle Dennis Spitale is the winner of the $150 gift certificate, and her comment on the photo was "My sons are 16 and 6 and I have been married for 14 years, been together for 19 yrs and I do not have any family pictures. Always had my son's pictures taken on their birthdays, but never had a family picture done!! It would be nice to have one before my son is off to college". I'm so glad it was a random drawing, because otherwise, I would have cried having to choose. Congrats Danielle! Contact me with your address so I can mail it out this week for you. I can’t believe the response that I got with all of those comments. One thing I know is: TOO many of you have gone too long in-between photo shoots. I have read every single comment and I was moved beyond words. Don’t wait for a better time. There is no better time than now. I can’t stress this enough. I had a family recently who were trying to get everyone together for a generation photo and one of the eldest family members had passed before they could make it happen. I’ll say it again, don’t wait!!! Don’t wait for when you lose those 10 pounds, for when it’s summer, for when it’s a better time… for whatever excuse you’re trying to validate. Our days are limited. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. And don’t let financial reasons get in your way… My smallest photo package starts at $85… that’s a Medium Dunkin iced coffee a day for a month (to put it in perspective). Your children deserve to have photographs of themselves to live on forever. Do it for them, if nothing else. Contact me if you’d like to set something up! I would love the opportunity to capture your family.

Once again, thank you! THANK YOU!!! A BILLION TIMES OVER! I’m forever grateful for each and every one of you. Please join me on this new journey. Anyone who books a studio package in the month of May or June, will receive 10% off their package. (Yes, I’ll apply that to all of you, even those who are already booked and even newborns) 

Thanks for stopping by!